Make Your Own Alpha Sigma Tau Pillow

I recently got an Alpha Sigma Tau kit from DIYGreek and decided to try out the paints included in the kit. using the yellow and green polka dot ribbon from the Greek Kit. The design I painted combines the flower , which is a yellow rose, and the anchor symbol. This is an idea that I hope some of you will be inspired by:


  This type of pillow can be made by painting a fairly simple design on white fabric and then sewing together the back and front of the pillow with a ribbon tucked into the seam to create a hanging handle.

The paint I use is acrylic paint that is available in the D.I.Y. Greek kits, but is also easy to find at craft stores or even Walmart.

If you are just starting out with painting, you should buy some quality brushes. They will cost more than cheap brushes, but the truth is, cheap brushes will not allow you to paint neatly and they are very frustrating to use because of that. Most of my brushes for this kind of project cost about $3 each. I like to have a round brush and a liner brush for detail. A flat brush can be brought later, as it comes in handy for for painting larger areas, and is also great for painting Greek letters.

  This is how the Alpha Sigma Tau Pillow turned out.

SONY DSCThis view shows what it looks live from the back and the front.
-SONY DSCPlease let me know if you need any help. You can contact me on Sorority Sisters Facebook Page.

If you haven't yet gotten a kit from, you must hurry up and order one. I couldn't believe all the craft supplies that come in the kit!  offers ideas for sorority women to use for making your own sorority gifts.

Pretty Sorority Magnets!

Greek Gear has a new line of sorority magnets ready for gift giving.

The colors are like Easter eggs and the designs pop! There are flower-type circular designs with Greek Letter insignia in the center. Others focus on the mascot painted on a plain background. The last design is similar to polka dot flowers with the sorority name written (painted) out. All have delightful colors.
They come in a set of 3 and each measures approximately 1.25"

Sorority Magnets

I love this new style!

These licensed magnets available at  Greek Gear have a handmade look. These new sorority mascot designs may inspire some of you to paint your own. There are a variety of supplies at local craft departments or stores (my favorite is JoAnn's) that can help you turn out your own unique Greek magnets that will undoubtedly be one-of-a-kind. Hand made gifts are the BEST!

Sisters are Angels – Handpainted Sorority Quote

"Sisters are angels who lift us to our feet
when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
Sisterhood quote

Sorority Sentiment Meshed with Art - Beautiful!

sorority life is a loyalty

Delta Zeta Paddles

Delta Zeta Paddles

Handmade Sorority Paddles --Delta Zeta

Years ago (early 1980's), my "wood" guy made plain sorority paddles just like these. He delivered them to me in a cardboard box with the strong smell of saw dust, which always makes me think of good times. I can only associate the smell of wood and saw dust with painting special things for special people, since this painting hobby centers around wood, making something unique for a friend or sister.

I love this display of Delta Zeta paddles all lined up, ready to give to big sisters, after heartfelt effort has been put into individualizing each one for a special sister. That is the thing about paddles...They are a favorite sorority gift because they are so unique and personal.

Sigma Wall Decor with Ribbon

Sorority Letters -Gift wall decorationThe Sigma wall decor is made with embroidery on fabric and accented with gorgeous ribbon tied into layered bows over the hanging loop.

This Greek letter hanging is found on Etsy and is made by order for any letter(s) you want. The cost for each is only $7.50 (at the time of this post)

The artist gives us information about her designs:

This is for a single scalloped fabric banner piece.
Adorable as a single or order more than one and have them strung together.
Great gift for rush or little or big.

Polk a dot background fabric with solid frame and matching thread and bows (colors may vary but will match)

Each scallop is approximately 5" x5"

(Place information in "Message to Seller" during checkout)

1. Letter or "big" or "lil" (ask about names or other options)
2. Fabric colors (one polka dot one solid)
3 Bow placement: single hanging above or double swagged on the side, if ordering more than one message me about details.

So how can you order one? Just go to Etsy and visit MamaBern and you can find out all about it. There are other beautiful creations that Mama Bern has for sale. Take a look; you'll enjoy the symmetry of the designs, as well as the beautiful coordinating colors of thread and fabric used in each unique design.

Here is another example of her lovely work, a Phi Mu Pillow:

Alpha Delta Pi PillowNotice how she pulls in all the colors of the pillow and its letters into the bow accents in the top left corner.  Don't know where she found the lion fabric, but I love it!

Greek Letters Make a Towel Come Alive!

Greek Letters towel

I found this hand crafted and sewn Greek letters appliqued on towels at on of my favorite artistic sites, Etsy. These towels are made by order and can be personalized with any letters for initials or full names (if the name is short)

The artist says,

Show the love for your little or big sis with this awesome hand made especially for her gift!
This quick drying 100% cotton towel is perfect for the dorm, apartment, beach, or pool and is made even more perfect once it is personalized with your letter and your choice of fabric!
Lots of towel colors to choose from.

For more information and ideas go to her Etsy store at The Pickle Tree

What color towel do you want?

Sorority colors

To see a few of the contrasting colors that can be used for Greek Letters,

The Pickle Tree I must admit that I have been so busy sewing that I am lacking a bit on being able to tell show you electronically all of my fabrics! Quite frankly- it is a bit embarrassing as I have a TON!!! You can go to: to see a few!


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