Alpha Kappa Alpha Frog Ornament

Alpha Kappa Alpha Frog Ornament

Tis the season to be jolly..
These little AKA pink and green frog ornaments are full of jolly.  Liven up your own tree or give them away as Christmas gifts to your sorority sisters.

Use this idea and make your own sorority Christmas ornaments.

  • Look for 3 wooden cut-outs of your mascot such as the frog in this example.  You will also need 3 Woodsies.
  • I used the round shaped woodsies for this example.
  • I painted the woodsie pink and when it dried, I used a Sharpie permanent markers to write the letters.
  • This wooden circle (woodsie) was glued to the wooden frog.
  • I cut a length or narrow pink ribbon and attached it to the wooden frog this way: With Elmer's Glue I made 2 little globs of glue on the back of the frog and put the ends of the ribbon in the glue.  Then I added another small drop of blue on top of the ribbon end. I allowed it to dry thoroughly (takes and hour or two).

That's it. Ready to hang on the tree!

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