About once a year I have to clear out some of the sorority gift samples that I make for this website. I've grouped together a set of items that are for ADII and they are selling on Etsy Sorority Gifts.. These are mostly handmade sorority items.

Alpha Delta Pi Lion Gift Set- includes 16 items

(These items are one of a kind. that are rarely available. Get them while you can.)

Sorority items are hand crafted as samples of sorority craft ideas at sororitysisters.net. They are custom made designs. Our website offers free sorority craft ideas with directions and pictures for those who like to make their own little sister, big sister gifts.

This set will get you ready with unique little sister gifts.
The sorority basket includes a blue and white printed fabric liner, a decorated handcrafted and handpainted lion tag, and a blue grosgrain bow tied on the handle.

Fill the basket up with lots of goodies and make it an extra special gift for a little sister.

Also included in this set are:

1 blue COOSIE with  lion design

1 5x7 picture: Matted, handpainted Lion design (slide it into a $ store frame for a great gift)

6  rectangular lion thank you cards with shiny glitter.

2  round handpainted lion cards

2 ADII stickers (bright blue foam stars-peel the back off to stick)

1 lion ornament with ADII handpainted badge- for a room decoration or a Christmas tree decoration (if you want to save it until Christmas)

1 small blue gift bag with stenciled lion and white bow. (Great for filling with candy for a quick gift.)

1 LARGE Lion Gift Bag (not handmade, but so precious) - Lion's head is separate piece of cardstock and sticks out from bag- so cute!

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