I recently got an Alpha Sigma Tau kit from DIYGreek and decided to try out the paints included in the kit. using the yellow and green polka dot ribbon from the Greek Kit. The design I painted combines the flower , which is a yellow rose, and the anchor symbol. This is an idea that I hope some of you will be inspired by:


  This type of pillow can be made by painting a fairly simple design on white fabric and then sewing together the back and front of the pillow with a ribbon tucked into the seam to create a hanging handle.

The paint I use is acrylic paint that is available in the D.I.Y. Greek kits, but is also easy to find at craft stores or even Walmart.

If you are just starting out with painting, you should buy some quality brushes. They will cost more than cheap brushes, but the truth is, cheap brushes will not allow you to paint neatly and they are very frustrating to use because of that. Most of my brushes for this kind of project cost about $3 each. I like to have a round brush and a liner brush for detail. A flat brush can be brought later, as it comes in handy for for painting larger areas, and is also great for painting Greek letters.

  This is how the Alpha Sigma Tau Pillow turned out.

SONY DSCThis view shows what it looks live from the back and the front.
-SONY DSCPlease let me know if you need any help. You can contact me on Sorority Sisters Facebook Page.

If you haven't yet gotten a kit from DIYGreek.com, you must hurry up and order one. I couldn't believe all the craft supplies that come in the kit!

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