Big Sister/Little Sister REVEAL IDEAS

Creative Ideas for Big Sister Reveals:

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Each Big Sister can decorate a cute picture frame and include a picture of herself in the frame.  Then the personalized picture frames can be wrapped and given to each Little Sister, who will not know her Big Sister until she opens her wrapped picture frame.

Matching Caps:  Each Big Sister can decorated two baseball caps, one for herself, and one for her Little.  The caps should match in color and design.  The design can include Greek letters, Names, mascot, or anything that relates.  So at the Reveal Ceremony, the Big Sisters are all wearing the caps that they have made.  At the proper time, the Big Sister walks around the group and finally stops beside her Little and places the matching cap on her Little's head.

Sorority Reveal little sister big sister

I love this balloon idea.  Get enough balloons for each Little Sister to have one.  Each Big Sister's name is written on a small piece of paper.  Scrapbooking paper in your sorority colors works great.  You can cut one sheet of pretty paper into the number of pieces you need.  The small paper with the Big Sis names are each inserted into a balloon, one at a time, so that you can be sure to write the name of the matching Little Sister on the balloon after it is blown up and tied. Use a Sharpie marker for that.  The Little Sisters come into a room  full of balloons.  Each sister has to find the balloon with her name on it. Then she pops her balloon to find out who her Big Sister is.  This would be even better with helium balloons.

Pajama Idea: The Big Sisters buy two pairs of matching pajamas, one for herself and one for her Little.  The Littles are given a present which is their new pajamas. In the present is a note that tells them to put on the pajamas and the note has the first clue for  a  hunt that will lead them to another place and another clue.  Each clue tells something about their Big as well as telling them the next place to go.  At last, the Littles end up at a house or place where their Bigs are hiding.  The final clue tells the Little which room to look in.  There she finds her Big wearing the same pajamas that she is wearing.  All this is topped off with a visit to the icecream shop in their pajamas. What fun to see people's expressions when this crew of girls traipses in for icecream in their pajamas!  (this is a fun idea, but it may be too expensive- you could do the same thing with a t-shirt or cap or how about a certain color of nail polish--anything that connects the Big Sister and Little Sister so that it is clear who belongs to whom.

Poems or Quotes are a very sentimental way to conduct a Reveal. Each Little Sister reads half of a poem chosen by their Big and their Big Sister finishes it.

Reveal with a String Hunt.  Each Little Sister is given a clue, that leads to another clue, and another. She finally is led to a string. She picks up the string and follows it until she finds out who her Big is at the end of the string.  The fun part is that the string winds all over the place, back and forth.  Be creative and think of other ideas for the end of the string. It can end with a plastic cup with her Big's name on it or it can end with a tiny "present" that is really just her Big's name written in a fancy or crafty way, and wrapped up like a gift.   You could even do a balloon to be popped as mentioned earlier in this post.

(It seems that many sororities are not allowing candles due to liability issues, but perhaps candles can still be used if you plan the Reveal outside.  Of course,  windy or rainy weather would ruin it.)


This post was written in response to this question:

I received the following letter of request:

"I am the Sisterhood Development Chair of Phi Sigma Sigma the ** chapter.  I was wondering if you also had any ideas for ways to find out who your big is. Our chapter doesn't have any special tradition, and since I am in charge of it I would really like a good surprising way to find out who your big is!  Any ideas you have would be great, like decorating the littles room or something.  Let me know, I would greatly appreciate it! A Sorority Sister Reader


Calling all sorority sisters.  I need your help for ideas for Big Sister reveals.

There are some good reveal ideas at the Alpha Chi Omega message board. Thanks also to for sorority reveal ideas. We are still collecting Big Sister Reveal ideas on this page.

Does your chapter have a special tradition that you can share with us?  Or have you tried any variations of these reveal ideas?
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