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Sorority Pillow with Greek Letters

Delta Zeta Turtle PillowA hand made sorority pillow makes a great little sister gift!

What are your favorite colors? My favorite colors are pink and green together. That's why I love sewing Delta's with Zeta's and little turtles on pillows, because the colors are so bright and motivating. Same goes for making Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority gifts. The pink and green together just makes it beautiful, no matter what you are making.

I made this little Delta Zeta pillow with some leftover fabric that I already had in my fabric basket. The pink and white striped canvas brightens up what ever I make out of it. The green fabric is a knit, soft like tee shirt material.

I used the Greek Letter patterns for Delta and Zeta, but taped the 2 patterns together, so that the two letters could be joined as one. I like that because it is symbolic of sisterhood to be connected or joined to each other as sisters.  I use stitch witchery as a binding agent to iron the letters onto the back fabric. Once the letters are stuck on the fabric, then using the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine, I stitched all the way around the Greek Letters (Delta Zeta).

Then I got out my acrylic paints and painted a simple turtle crawling up the Delta. The fun part is adding embellishment to the turtle shell. Every turtle comes out different,  and that is what makes handmade gifts so unique...they are one of a kind.

The front and the back of the pillow are sewn together except for a hole left to put in stuffing. After stuffing, the opening  is closed with hand sewing.

The point is to MAKE SOMETHING YOURSELF.  Put yourself into making a gift and the recipient is sure to appreciate your efforts. Sorority gifts are treasures when made special by hand.

DZ pillow

Custom Sorority Gift Ideas- Sorority Pillow

Willard Sorority gift

Willard Sorority- custom sorority pillow

Sorority pillows are a welcome sorority gift. They can be expensive when you buy manufactured pillows available through Greek stores. This website offers alternative sorority gifts and particularly hand made ideas for sorority gifts.

You can be sure if you make your own sorority gifts, that your sister who receives a handmade sorority gift will appreciate the time, talent, and effort you have put in with your artistic labor of love. We have a lot of ideas for you at our page of sorority gift ideas.

The sorority pillow in the picture is just an example of a custom made sorority pillow that you can make yourself or, if you are short of time, you can order a custom made pillow for the Sorority Gifts Etsy Store and I will make one for you for only $12.99 + shipping.

More information about Willard Sorority.
Two additions of the Willard pillow shown below:

Sorority Gifts with Mascots

Willard Sorority Ducky Pillow

Delta Gamma Fabric

Sorority Fabric This fabric would be perfect for the back side of a Delta Gamma pillow. On the front, use a white background and paint or appliqué your yellow or blue letters along with an ANCHOR for great looking pillow. A simple  To set the pillow off, use a ruffle at the joining seam, or cording for a more tailored look.

I wish sorority fabric designs like this one were not so hard to find. This beautiful fabric that is perfect for a dreamy Delta Gamma pillow is for sale today, but may not be here tomorrow. There is a link below if it is still available on eBay.


Delta Gamma Sorority Hot Pink Monogrammed Royal Blue KeychainOFFICIAL LICENSED
Delta Gamma Sorority Hot Pink Monogrammed Royal Blue KeychainOFFICIAL LICENSED
Time Remaining: 3d 10h 35m
Buy It Now for only: $9.99

Learn more about all the best sororities at Sorority Sisters where we are continuing to collect ideas for unique sorority gifts that express sisterhood friendship and affection.


Stefi’s Handmade Sorority Pillows

Many of you have commented on the Greek letter shaped pillows that I posted about previously. I have been trying to find more information about them and now I can tell you.


Sorority Letter Pillows

They had been offered on eBay for a while and then I could not find them again. After searching over a period of time, I finally connected to the lady that makes these pillows by order and discovered that she has an eBay shop, is a top rated seller, and is willing to make custom ordered Greek pillows like these if you would like to order one.

Her name is Cindy and this is her story:

My daughter, Stefanie is a Phi Mu  and graduated from the University of Oklahoma at Norman in 2005.  When she went in 2000, we started doing the pillows as gifts to her sorority sisters, for Big/Little, Graduation, etc.  Everyone loved them and soon we were making them for friends of hers and for her sisters that were in other sororities too.

We have an Ebay store that we started about 4 1/2 years ago.  We introduced various sorority themed gift items and they were a hit including the pillows and beaded bracelets, necklaces, ornaments, tote bags to name just a few things.

We can do most any Greek Letter or Initial Pillow set. We maintain a large amount of different colors and patterns of fabrics with ribbons, buttons & Bling! embellishments for the pillows.

We also do beaded bracelets & necklaces with sorority letters or sorority mascot charms.  We do sorority marker boards.  Close to Christmas, we do sorority themed ornaments.

We do sorority name tote bags.  We do Sorority themed free standing Spirit Signs or magnetic ones.  We do custom order Zebra Print Frames.  The frames are clear acrylic and we do a Zebra Print matted border insert for the frames.  We can make the Zebra Animal Print border with any sorority name, words like Big Sis, Little Sis, Sisters Forever, etc. or a person's name.  These are cute items that are always appreciated as gifts.                Smiles, Cindi


Stefi's Corner Stones & Gifts Shoppe -

The shop does not always have the pillows listed, but you can contact Cindi through the eBay messages and ask for one to be made for your Greek letters.

Ideas for sorority pillows are as unlimited as creativity is unlimited.  If you would like to see more of Greek pillows, click over to our Sorority Pillows page.

Taking Orders Now for Custom Sorority Pillows

Need a Sorority Gift? See these cute Sorority Sisters handpainted pillows.You can order a unique, handpainted sorority pillow at Etsy Sorority Gifts.

If you want to order a pillow for your sorority like these, you should purchase the "Custom Sorority Hang up Pillows - Made by Order" for $12.99. I have to relist it each time a pillow is ordered so if you don't see the item, "Custom Sorority Hang up Pillows - Made by Order", check back a little later or send me an Etsy Convo message about wanting to order a pillow and I will get back to you.

Handpainted Sorority Pillow Made by Order
Sorority Gifts
If you like to make your own sorority gifts, you can look at our Gamma Phi Beta pillow post idea.  There I explain there the basics of making pillows like this on.  We also have more sorority gifts ideas  on our Sorority Crafts page.

Delta Alpha Sigma Unicorn Pillow

Remember, I need a few days to get a pillow made. They are completely handmade. No factory involved here. They also can be personalized with a name somewhere if you like.

I get busy with orders this time of year, so if you need one, please get your order in soon so you won't be disappointed.

Place your order by purchasing "Custom Sorority Hang up Pillows - Made by Order" at Etsy Sorority Gifts.

Handpainted Sorority Pillow
Handpainted Phi Mu Lion

Chi Omega GiftsI still enjoy making the pillows, even creating new designs for sororities.  My next  order is for a Kappa Delta Chi with the Penguin mascot. I'll be making that pillow for her next week. Do you need a sorority pillow?

Sorority Sisters has a page about various types of  sorority pillows that are available.  For more information about  Greek pillows, click over to  Sorority Pillows.

Delta Alpha Sigma Pillow with Pegasus

Sorority Gifts - PillowI just finished sewing this Delta Alpha Sigma pillow and I love the way it turned out!

The Sorority Gifts Etsy shop offers custom made sorority pillows like this and I haven't turned down a request yet. I do get quite busy sometimes, so always check with me before you order if you have an important deadline.

Do you like to make your own sorority gifts? If so, take a look at our Gamma Phi Beta pillow article.  I explain there the basics of making pillows like this on. We also have ideas for some sorority gifts on our Sorority Crafts page.

If you would like to order one of my pillows, get your order in soon to avoid being disappointed.  If I get too many orders, I have to catch up on my sewing and painting before I can relist the custom pillow for order.

I really enjoy making the sorority pillows. At this point, I'm still taking orders. I have not yet gotten so busy that I've had to shut down.

I have made pillows with handpainted sorority mascots for Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta (the frog and the teddy bear-depending on request), Chi Omega owl, Phi Mu lion or ladybug, Alpha Delta Pi lion, Alpha Omicron Pi Panda, ZTA crown, Delta Sigma Theta elephant, AKA frog, KK Gamma owl,  Alpha Gamma Delta squirrel,  and many more.

Sorority Sisters has a special page devoted to  sorority pillows  For more information about  sorority pillows, click over to  Sorority Pillows.

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