Make Sorority Gift Stickers

Make Sorority Gift Stickers

For Big/Little sorority gifts, many girls like to give lots of small sorority items, sometimes combined in a sorority gift basket and sometimes just to have a little gift to give every few days. Also, it is nice to have a gift that can be mailed in an envelope like these stickers.

You only need a sharpie or other permanent marker (I like the fine tip for neater writing) and a bunch of foam shape stickers from a craft shop.  The foam shapes are stickers. You just peel the paper off of the back and expose the stickiness.

I divided the shapes into colors and then used all the yellow stars for Chi Omega stickers.

Make dotted Greek letters with the Sharpie pen. You simply draw you letters like print and then finish by adding DOTS to the ends of the letters. It makes the letters look more finished and professional, don't you think?

Quick and easy sorority gifts like these can be whipped up in a few minutes.

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