Greek Letters towel

I found this hand crafted and sewn Greek letters appliqued on towels at on of my favorite artistic sites, Etsy. These towels are made by order and can be personalized with any letters for initials or full names (if the name is short)

The artist says,

Show the love for your little or big sis with this awesome hand made especially for her gift!
This quick drying 100% cotton towel is perfect for the dorm, apartment, beach, or pool and is made even more perfect once it is personalized with your letter and your choice of fabric!
Lots of towel colors to choose from.

For more information and ideas go to her Etsy store at The Pickle Tree

What color towel do you want?

Sorority colors

To see a few of the contrasting colors that can be used for Greek Letters,

The Pickle Tree I must admit that I have been so busy sewing that I am lacking a bit on being able to tell show you electronically all of my fabrics! Quite frankly- it is a bit embarrassing as I have a TON!!! You can go to: to see a few!


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