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A few pillows are shared on this page:

Delta Zeta Pillow

Delta Zeta Turtle Pillow


Easy to make small square sorority pillows. Simple with appliqued Greek letters and your painted mascot.

Nothing fancy, but a very special sorority gift that most beginner sew-ers can make!




Greek Letter Pillows- Chi Omega

Sorority Letter Pillows

-Greek Letter Pillows are so festive and just SHOUT out your sorority spirit. If you like to sew, you might figure out how to make pillows like this for your Greek letters. For those who don't know how to sew or don't have time to fool around with making a gift that takes a little time, Stef will make you a set of pillow Greek letters by order. She has been making these letter pillows for sorority sisters for years and sells through eBay. You can get in contact with her through her eBay store. For more information about these cute sorority pillows, you can click on the pictures of Chi Omega or Phi Mu.


 Phi Mu Greek Letter Pillows

Greek Letter Pillows











Fancy Sorority Pillows

Alpha Delta Pi pillow formally available at These bright pillows really make a statement and light up the room with your sorority colors , letters and symbol(s). Last time I checked, the Greek Creation pillows were no longer available, but I leave the images up here for inspiration. After all, pillows can be made by hand, and we are always looking for good ideas to adapt to our individual likes and needs.




Just for contrast, another Greek Creations pillow. This one for Alpha Chi Omega showcases the sorority colors and letters and lyre with a black and white zebra stripe for the back side and a pom pom border---truly an eye catching masterpiece.

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Gifts



You might be interested in knowing that you can achieve similar looks by appliqueing one fabric on top of a background fabric. You can actually do this using fusible bond and ironing on the top layer, like the gold on top of the red(pink) and then green on top of the gold. The stripe around the green center looks like it could be done by ironing on or sewing on ribbon.. The letters could be hand painted with acrylic paint (which adheres well to fabric) or fabric dye which is softer when it dries.



Sorority Pillow with Ribbon Letters

Sorority Pillows with Embroidered Greek Letters

Pillow Embroidered with Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Letters



I've seen pillows like this one on eBay. It is a simply made pillow out of gingham fabric. The crowning touch is the embroidered Greek letters in red. This is done with an embroidery machine. Some people might want to try hand embroidery. It is really not so hard.


Another simple way to decorate a pillows with Greek letters is by appliqué, ironing or sewing on letters. Additionally, Greek letters can be painted on with acrylic paint. You can buy any color of paint and match sorority color exactly.


Sorority Pillows with Ribbon Letter and MORE

DZ Handmade Sorority Pillow


This Delta Zeta pillow was made from green tee shirt fabric. The Delta and Zeta are made of pink ribbon sewn on. The turtle head and feet are painted on with acrylic paint. I love the way the pillow turned out.





The next pillow shows the applique letter group of Delta and Zeta in one piece, sewn on to the front of the pillow. This is a simple pillow with a soft clean statement. The pink and white canvas makes a pretty contrast with the green background fabric.


Easy Sorority Pillows -appliqué

DZ Greek Sorority Pillow

My custom made pillows are saved for last. These sorority hang up pillows, I started making for sorority sisters at Georgia Southern University in 1982 (it was College back then). It was in answer to their need for special sorority gifts for little sisters. They wanted handmade items that were different and had the creative human touch that expresses the sisterhood sentiment best. Anyone can make pillows such as these, but it does take a little time and effort.

Handmade Handpainted Sorority Pillows

sorority pillows
Sorority Pillows

Sorority Sisters .net is here to encourage you to make your own sorority pillows and other sorority gifts as well. If you have any pillow ideas to offer, leave a comment and perhaps we can get a picture of your pillow added to this page.