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Make a scrapbook that is full of inspirational quotes for your sorority sister. You can include pictures or skip the pictures for a super easy gift. Consider using lyrics to songs about your sorority. You could also include your family poem, favorite quotes about sisters and/or friends, etc.

Consider including pages that are decorated with scrapbook embellishments with room to add pictures later, like your big sorority events, make a two page spread of each event with the title across the top of the page. You can make the pages completely decorated except for the pictures which can be added later by you little sister. Think about including your sorority's community service, your big philanthropy events, your sorority family picture, and anything else that deserves a place in a sorority scrapbook.

1946 Sorority Scrapbook Corsages Invitations
1946 Sorority Scrapbook Corsages Invitations
Time Remaining: 1d 18h 39m
Buy It Now for only: $19.80
MAMBI Soft Spoken Sorority Dimensional Stickers for Scrapbooking Stamping
MAMBI Soft Spoken Sorority Dimensional Stickers for Scrapbooking Stamping
Time Remaining: 12d 4h 44m
Buy It Now for only: $3.25
Vintage XI PHI CHAPTER Sorority Scrapbook 1964 1965 St Louis VERY COOL PACKED
Vintage XI PHI CHAPTER Sorority Scrapbook 1964 1965 St Louis VERY COOL PACKED
Time Remaining: 15d 10h 58m
Buy It Now for only: $27.99

ZTA, Delta Gamma, Alpha Delta Pi Wine Glasses

I love these sorority mascot wine glasses. They are hand painted and offered on Etsy.

Each glass is colorfully decorated with a sorority mascot with a matching ribbon tied around the stem. Examples above include a ZTA crown, an anchor for Delta Gamma, and a lion for Alpha Delta Pi. The base of the glass is also decorated.

The artist has this to say:

What a perfect gift for the ADPi in your life. Big Sis, Lil Sis, Alumna, whoever! We can do other sororities, too. Initials, "monogram", themes.

Wine glasses are large and sturdy (24 oz!!!)

Custom orders available, just send me a message! We love creating new pieces for Etsy friends so let me know what you need!

Glasses are heat set but hand washing is always best!

***We can create this wine glass for your entire Sorority, New Members, Officers, etc. Ask about discounts for large orders!!!***

Set of 4 is $50 (Save $10) and is in a separate listing.

If you like to make your own sorority gifts, this is a great idea that requires only a few supplies. Of course, you need a wine glass. The paint should be enamel or any type that will adhere to glass. Just check at your local craft store. Be sure that you use quality brushes. Good brushes are a secret to good painting. : )

ZTA Coosie Sorority Gift

ZTA sorority gift craftHow cute is this for ZTA?

This is the best coosie idea ever! This Zeta Drink Holder with crown is made from Ribbon found in Supply Sack, along with bling gems and glue.

I didn't even know you could get silver (gray) foam drink holders. This is perfect for a ZTA gift.

Remember, use  the coupon code SORORITYCRAFTS to get a free mini paddle in June or free glitter pack along with additive to make chalk  board paint in July.

Delta Zeta and Delta Gamma Ornaments

This sorority ornament idea is easy if you can find your mascot symbol and letter cut outs.
Delta Zeta Christmas Ornament

Handmade Delta Zeta Christmas Ornament

The tiny turtles for the Delta Zeta ornament are such a cute accent. The pink and the green are perfect in shade. Acrylic paint it great for items like these.







Handmade Delta Gamma Anchor Gift

Delta Gamma Anchor Ornament - Blue and Pink

I found these ideas from the following website.

More Information at:     Sorority Gifts

Sorority ornaments are $5 : Each ornament uses either large wooden letters for simple sororities.. Each letter is hand painted, either a solid color or with polka dots or stripes depending on your choice.. Clearly each ornament is one of kind and you may request certain decorations and we will try our hardest to make your perfect ornament. You may have your ornament personalized with a name, year, nickname, etc.



Licensing Infringement of Greek Trademarks is Applied to Etsy Handmade Sorority Gifts

Etsy Stores that sell handmade sorority gifts with trademarked insigna, are being notified by Affinity Consultants, "to remove any listings containing our clients’ trademarks from your Etsy shop within two (2) weeks of the date of this letter. If any items are not removed within two weeks of this notice, we will contact Etsy’s Legal Department to remove or disable any infringing activity."

I enjoy looking at the creative sorority gifts that have been available on Etsy, and I have posted some of those especially creative  ones like Sarah's letters, in appreciation of their beauty and style. Most of the readers who visit Sorority Sisters are looking for unique sorority gifts that they can make or buy. If Etsy Stores that sell sorority gifts are shut down, it will be a great loss.

I am sympathetic to artists that will never do enough sorority business to warrant the price of licensing, but who thoroughly enjoy making sorority gifts on a very small scale, especially custom orders that are personalized by request.  I am one of those artists and have enjoyed making some things like the sorority hang pillows, but I am no longer offering them for sale.

Greek Pillows

As a sorority member, are you free to purchase a handmade sorority gift?

Affinity Consultants says that:

"We must also make you aware that neither members nor chapters of the various Greek organizations are authorized to grant commercial use of their organization’s trademarks and are required to purchase products exclusively from licensed vendors."

From my experience, the girls that are in the sororities do not agree that they are not allowed to request a pillow or other sorority gift to be made with the Greek Letters. They consider that their personal freedom.

My tiny Etsy store, that has mainly offered the handmade hang up pillows, is warmly applauded by those who request a special order like these two:

IveHope87 says:
I searched online for days for unique gifts, but every site I found was never customizable beyond the most widespread sororities or wildly expensive. Then I found this store and everything fell into place. Service was fast and the product was affordable and beautifully made. I could only ask for more items to choose from! Thanks sororitygifts 😀

brittagibson says:
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I appreciate your willingness and ability to create a special order for me and get it to me in less than a week! The pillows are super cute and I can't wait to give them to the girls!


My website , Sorority Sisters, provides ideas for  handmade sorority gifts, hoping that you will enjoy making your own gifts for little or big sisters. But, I also think that the handmade sorority gifts that have been available on Etsy in the past, are a great asset for those who desire unique sorority gifts and prefer to purchase. Too bad the trademark licensing is being applied to small time artists!

By seeking out home crafters on Etsy with their warning,  Affinity Marketing Consultants is trying to eliminate the small artist and take away the unique and creative sorority sister gifts that the members want and seek out.

By sending out their letter to small artists, they are saying that we either have to have a big sorority merchandise business or nothing.  It cuts out the most special sorority gift creations that many sorority members search for.

I am wondering what you think about this. Please share your thoughts.


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