Handmade Sorority Pillow with Ribbon Letters

Make this sorority pillow with ribbon and fabric!

Make this sorority pillow with ribbon and fabric!

Stitch witchery- an iron-on bonding material (available from fabric departments & stores)
2 fabric squares (10" X 10" is a good size)
Fiberfil Stuffing

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1. Form your letters with the ribbon. Fold or cut the ribbon to get the right shapes and turns. Just work at it until you like it.

2. Cut out stitch witchery to fit behind the ribbon letters.

3. Position the letters (with the stitch witchery underneath) in the center of one of your fabric squares. Read the rest of this entry

Make A Sorority Hat

You Can Make This Sorority Hat!

Can you paint within lines?
Can you cut fabric?
Can you do simple sewing with a machine or a needle and thread?

Paint Your Letters for a One-of-a-Kind Sorority Hat

Paint Your Letters for a One-of-a-Kind Sorority Hat

If you can do these things, you can make a sorority hat like the one shown above.

Directions for Handmade Sorority Hat (Kappa Delta Sample Hat):

(Actually, you must buy a straw hat-mine came from Target-You just make the "medallion" patch)

From paper make a basic shape pattern for your "medallion". The sample hat has an oval shape.

Use your pattern, to cut out 2 from light colored fabric. You can use pinking shears for a zig zag edge as shown in the sample or just use regular scissors.

Draw your Greek Letters on paper. Make the outline dark with a marker. Read the rest of this entry

Phi Mu Ladybug Sorority Gift Idea

Any Phi Mu sorority sisters from Georgia Southern?

If so, you will enjoy this post featuring a gift idea with your local mascot, the ladybug.

This is a matted picture of a ladybug with the saying,
"Phi Mu is full of bugs and kisses"

Directions for Phi Mu Ladybug matted picture (hand-drawn and hand-painted)
See picture at top of post.

You need a basic mat-this one is 5" X 7" with a round opening, but a rectangle will work, too. Read the rest of this entry

Creative Ideas for Sorority Gifts

This is an idea blog that is dedicated to providing ideas for handmade sorority gifts that give of yourself.  Though I hope that all of you will be inspired to make some or all of your gifts, I know that often, that is not practical because of time restraints and other life inhibitors.  This blog also offers some other options for unique gifts that you can buy for your sorority sisters.  Take a look at the Sorority Sisters Store for your mascot or your sorority page with a wide variety of items for sale through eBay.  I welcome your comments and ideas of sorority gifts that you have made.

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