Sorority Cross Stitch Charts

Sorority cross stitch
I haven't done cross stitch in a while, but these beautiful patterns for Alpha Delta Pi just make me want to get out sewing basket again. Like the Delta Zeta cross stitch designs, I don't know how long this Alpha Delta Pi cross stitch will be available on ebay.

My favorite is the little bunch of violets (two blossoms and one bud) with Alpha Delta Pi embroidered over the flower design. It is nice the way the pattern set includes the sorority name in different sizes so that you can cross stitch the size that you need for whatever project you plan to make.

The lion is nice, too, but looks like it would take a while to finish.

There are a lot of choices for letters, so you can find what you like best.

If this pattern set  (or booklet)  is still available, you should see a link to the sale below. There is more information on the ebay listing if you click over to see the other pictures.


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If this item is sold, you might like to see what  ALPHA DELTA PHI gifts and all are available at Greek Gear. ALPHA DELTA PHI gift

Delta Zeta Cross Stitch Patterns

Greek CrossStitchFor a Delta Zeta, this set of Cross Stitch patterns is a real find. Published in 1989, this Sorority Delta Zeta cross stitch pattern set is not likely to turn up for sale very often. There are 4 pages in the pattern set and I think all the designs are pictures here in the image. There may be more DZ designs on the back side of the booklet. You could message the seller to find out.

Anyway, I think the designs are quite beautiful, and for a DZ sister that enjoys hand work and making sorority gifts, this would be a great help for making unique Delta Zeta Christmas gifts. Just having these patterns available would enable you to cross stitch a small gift for any sorority occasion.  I only wish it were always available.

If you know where sorority cross stitch patterns can be purchased elsewhere, please leave a comment to help other sorority sisters who are looking for creative ideas like this.

If the Delta Zeta Cross Stitch pattern book is still available, it will be linked below:

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Sigma Delta Tau Scrapbooks

Sigma Delta Tau Scrapbook Ideas
Making a sorority scrapbook is a great way to document a memorable year with pages full of sorority event photos and clippings. Making your own Greek Letters and Sigma Delta Tau embellishments from paper makes your scrapbook even better with your own blend of artistic design making an entirely personal  one-of-a-kind book of memories.

To save time, it is nice to have some sorority scrapbook stickers available. It is often hard to find sorority stickers and other sorority scrapbook embellishments, so when I come across them, I try post them here at Sorority Sisters.

Unfortunately, the scrapbook items noted here may be sold and no longer available eventually, but as of today, this Sigma Delta Tau sticker set is available and there are more than one set for sale.

If the Sorority Scrapbook Stickers Sigma Delta Tau are still available on eBay, there will be a link below this post.

Sigma Delta Tau Sorority Crest  Letter Vinyl Decal Combo Indoor Outdoor Use
Sigma Delta Tau Sorority Crest Letter Vinyl Decal Combo Indoor Outdoor Use
Time Remaining: 22h 42m
Buy It Now for only: $5.25

Make Your Own Chi Omega Sorority Gifts

Chi Omega Little Sister Gift

Need a Special Sorority Gift?

All the little sister sorority gifts that you give are what expresses the sisterhood of your sorority. Sometimes, a handmade sorority gift expresses your affection better than a Greek gift that you buy like from Greek Gear.

If you like to paint with acrylic paints, there are so many gifts that you can make that take only a little bit of your time. I love to just browse in crafts stores or online and I always see so many ideas that can be adapted to make a great sorority gift.

This foam coozie is an example of a craft item that is almost always available in craft stores. Just look for your sorority colors. Images for an owl or whatever your mascot might be, can be obtained through Google images or by searching for "owl" or whatever your sorority mascot.  You can copy to image and print it...then adapt it for your project.  When I paint on a foam coosie like this one, I use transfer graphite paper to trace the design onto the coosie. This works to transfer a design onto most any surface that you want to paint on.

After the basic pattern is on the coosie, you just paint between the lines. I use a black sharpie to add details like the owl's feet and feathers.

Want some more ideas? See our Sorority Crafts page.

Make your own Sorority Stickers  from foam stars or hearts. Simply hand paint your Greek Letters.

Sorority  Cards--  Simple greeting cards for your sorority sisters

Sorority Greeting Cards Instructions-  Another greeting card idea

Sorority Candy Tin--  Alpha Delta Pi-Use any container-make a cute sorority gift container

Sorority Mascot Personalized-- Make a plush animal into your sorority mascot with this esimple to make ribbon necklace.

Sorority Notebooks- With  painting, you can  make a special sorority notebook or  album

Sorority Tote from Tee Shirt- Easy directions for making a  tote from a t- shirt

Sorority picture frame --How to make a sorority picture frame (this one is for DZ)


Sigma Gamma Rho Poodle Sorors

Sigma Gamma Rho has a white poodle mascot, but I couldn't resist using what was at hand. In this case it was a big pink poodle and a little pink poodle. The pair just reminds me of sorority sisters or Sorors.  At least I had gold and blue available to make the necklace in the right colors!
You can make a personalized sorority mascot like this. It is easy with the plush animal that represents your sorority and adding a sorority mascot necklace that personalizes your little mascot like this.
Sigma Gamma Rho poodle

Here is an easy way to make a stuffed poodle  into a very special symbol of your sorority, in this case, Sigma Gamma Rho.

Make a necklace with a ribbon and a foam shape. All you need is:

Materials & supplies:

l. about a half yard of narrow ribbon (depending on the size you your plush animal)

2. a foam shape ( packs of  shapes are available inexpensively at craft stores )

3. paint brush  and acrylic paints(you might substitute sharpie markers)

4. a hole puncher

5. approximately a yard of wider ribbon for bow

Simple Directions:

1. Paint your Greek letters on the foam shape

2. Punch a hole with  hole puncher

3. Thread the ribbon through the hole that you punched

4. Tie ribbon necklace around the mascot neck

5. Add a pretty  ribbon bow in the color of your choice

-that's it!............ So simple....

You might find other foam shapes that will work well, too. A heart would be beautiful. A circle would be great. too.

You can visit Greek Gear for some great new Sigma Gamma Rho gift ideas.

Sigma Gamma Rho soror giftsFor more information and ideas visit our Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Page on

-filling you in on Sorority Sister Information---You can help by adding ideas in the comments for Sigma Gamma Rho.

Sorority Gift Sets on Sale

ZTA sorority gift

I just noticed that Greek Gear is having a sale on gift sets like this one for Zeta Tau Alpha. This set is selling for $9.95, plus the daily deal is 20% off of your purchase. The sorority gift sets vary for each sorority. The descriptions don't list the items, only that what is seen in the picture will be included. These sell out fast so I hope you will find some still available.








Sigma Sigma Sigma Gift Sigma Sigma Sigma.   This 6 piece Sigma set is also selling for $9.95, plus the daily deal is 20% off of your purchase.  Get some purple or white tissue paper to put inside the can that is included; then fill the can with the other little sorority gifts. Wrap up the boxed notepad separately to give at a different time. --that's just what I would do.



Alpha Chi Omega little sister giftThis Alpha Chi Omega set is marked down to $5.95

The mouse pad is a great item and there is also a toothbrush - no doubt with Alpha Chi Omega symbols, too. I am thinking the other item is either a mirror in a sleeve or a notepad. Does anyone know?






For those of you who are looking for great little sister gifts that are affordable, this sale will help you out.

Remember, Greek Gear has a daily deal, too. Today's is 20% off.

Some of the other sorority sets that are available as I write this post are:
Alpha Delta Pi Discount Kit       $8.95

Alpha Epsilon Phi Discount Kit       $9.95

Alpha Gamma Delta Discount Kit       $5.95

Alpha Omicron Pi Discount Kit       $9.95

Alpha Phi Discount Kit       $7.95

Alpha Sigma Alpha Discount Kit       $9.95

Alpha Sigma Tau Discount Kit       $5.95

Chi Omega Discount Kit       $9.95

Delta Gamma Discount Kit       $5.95

Delta Phi Epsilon Discount Kit       $5.95

Delta Zeta Discount Kit       $5.95

Gamma Phi Beta Discount Kit       $9.95

Kappa Alpha Theta Discount Kit       $9.95

Kappa Delta Discount Kit       $5.95

Kappa Kappa Gamma Discount Kit       $9.95

Phi Mu Discount Kit       $9.95

Phi Sigma Sigma Discount Kit       $5.95

Pi Beta Phi Discount Kit       $9.95

Sigma Delta Tau Discount Kit       $5.95

Sigma Kappa Discount Kit       $5.95

Theta Phi Alpha Discount Kit       $9.95

Zeta Tau Alpha Discount Kit       $9.95

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