Making Unique Sorority Gifts

Delta Zeta GiftsI just dropped by our local craft store and found supplies that let me make a few unique sorority gifts fast. These are for Delta Zeta and since turtles are pretty easy to draw and paint, I was able to turn these sorority gifts out very quickly.

First, I bought a foam coosie for 50 cents or a dollar (I can't remember which). First I drew the turtle design on paper. From that point, I have several choices: (1) Draw the turtle free hand on the coosie, (2)cut out the turtle from the paper and trace around it with a pencil, or (3)use a sheet of graphite paper behind the paper pattern to transfer the design to the coosie - this is easy and gives you the most detail, but you need to have graphite paper. I usually use the graphite paper way.

After I have my turtle design, I add color with paint. Using my acrylic paints - olive green, white, and black, I painted my little turtle. The easiest way to add the BLACK detail is with a Sharpie pen. That is what I used for the turtle outline, turtle eyeballs, and the "Delta Zeta" at the top of the coosie.

The acrylic paints dry so fast that I was finished in no time. Actually, I painted the foam star stickers at the same time, while I had my paints out and brushes already in the paint. The foam stars (foam comes in so many shapes and colors) have a peel off backing that can be removed when you are ready to sticky the star onto something.  The tiny turtles were painted "free hand" and have very little detail since they are so small. Again, I used my fine Sharpie to write "Delta Zeta" in an arc over the turtle. Now that is done, too.

My last handmade sorority gift is actually a hand painted wooden box. You have seen these in the craft stores. They are round and come in graduated sizes. Sometimes they are sold in sets of 3 different sizes that nest inside of each other. I was able to buy a single box. I painted the top with olive green acrylic paint. After that was completely dry, I used the pattern method mentioned above for the coosie to get my turtle design on the box.  Instead of PAINTING the turtle's shell, I cut the pattern out of pink and white striped fabric. I glued the fabric onto the box with Tacky glue, being careful to put it on just the write place.

Stefi’s Handmade Sorority Pillows

Many of you have commented on the Greek letter shaped pillows that I posted about previously. I have been trying to find more information about them and now I can tell you.


Sorority Letter Pillows

They had been offered on eBay for a while and then I could not find them again. After searching over a period of time, I finally connected to the lady that makes these pillows by order and discovered that she has an eBay shop, is a top rated seller, and is willing to make custom ordered Greek pillows like these if you would like to order one.

Her name is Cindy and this is her story:

My daughter, Stefanie is a Phi Mu  and graduated from the University of Oklahoma at Norman in 2005.  When she went in 2000, we started doing the pillows as gifts to her sorority sisters, for Big/Little, Graduation, etc.  Everyone loved them and soon we were making them for friends of hers and for her sisters that were in other sororities too.

We have an Ebay store that we started about 4 1/2 years ago.  We introduced various sorority themed gift items and they were a hit including the pillows and beaded bracelets, necklaces, ornaments, tote bags to name just a few things.

We can do most any Greek Letter or Initial Pillow set. We maintain a large amount of different colors and patterns of fabrics with ribbons, buttons & Bling! embellishments for the pillows.

We also do beaded bracelets & necklaces with sorority letters or sorority mascot charms.  We do sorority marker boards.  Close to Christmas, we do sorority themed ornaments.

We do sorority name tote bags.  We do Sorority themed free standing Spirit Signs or magnetic ones.  We do custom order Zebra Print Frames.  The frames are clear acrylic and we do a Zebra Print matted border insert for the frames.  We can make the Zebra Animal Print border with any sorority name, words like Big Sis, Little Sis, Sisters Forever, etc. or a person's name.  These are cute items that are always appreciated as gifts.                Smiles, Cindi


Stefi's Corner Stones & Gifts Shoppe -

The shop does not always have the pillows listed, but you can contact Cindi through the eBay messages and ask for one to be made for your Greek letters.

Ideas for sorority pillows are as unlimited as creativity is unlimited.  If you would like to see more of Greek pillows, click over to our Sorority Pillows page.

Phi Mu Lion With Necklace

Phi Mu Sorority Sister Gift
Take a Beanie Baby lion, a piece of ribbon, a pink foam star , some white acrylic paint and TA DAAAA-----------------personalize to make your own Phi Mu lion wearing a personalized necklace with the Phi Mu Greek letters.

This is so easy and takes next to no time.

Plush lions are not so hard to find. I have come acoss all kinds in stores.  This Beanie Baby is one of my favorites.  Buying a lion and personalizing it with a necklace gives it that hands-on personal touch that makes it one-of-a kind.  When you make it yourself, yours is unique. I love that!

Are you a regular at crafts stores or art departments. Go down the children's craft aisle and you will find all sizes and shapes of foam. If you don't like to paint, you can write the letters with a paint pen.  I did need a hole puncher to make a hole for the ribbon to slide through. Last thing, was to tie the ribbon around the lion's neck. I love the way he turned out.

You can read my detailed directions if you click: Sorority Mascot Crafts -Necklace Directions.
Phi mu Sorority Mascot Necklace

Sorority Gifts at the Chatter Tree

Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA

The Chatter Tree in Statesboro, GA


I am going to share with  you a little history of the beginnings of the sorority gift ideas that are offered on this website. We have to  reminisce a little  into the past.

If you remember when Georgia Southern University was just Georgia Southern College, then you might remember The Chatter Tree, the gift and craft shop  that was housed in an enormous old Victorian house  in downtown Statesboro in the 1980's and a while after that.




Handmade sorority gifts

Sorority gifts made in the early 1980's

It was there that I met the sorority girls from Georgia Southern, which at that time only included K?, ?Z, A?Pi, ZTA, ?M, and ??. Later AKA and ??? came along.

The Chatter Tree had a small hallway at the very back of the store that was the sorority room. This was where I displayed all the handmade sorority gifts that I had painted and sewed. The brown jugs which are shown (partially completed) in the picture never lasted long. They were made from large recycled bottles from the local drug store and were finished with a great big colorful bow tied around the neck of the bottle. They sold for $5.95.  The hand-painted plaques like the ones shown sold for $1 - $4 depending on size and intricacy of the design.

Everyday, sorority girls stopped by to talk to me about what they wanted personalized. I took many orders every week to make one-of-a-kind sorority gift items or awards according to what the shanghai girls desired.

I painted so many turtles, frogs, butterflies, owls, lions, and lady bugs that I had the designs all in my head and didn't rely on patterns anymore for most of them. I only took a few pictures of some of the sorority gifts that I made.

One of the favorites of the sorority gifts was study boards. I painted so many study boards.  They were made of smoothly sanded plywood cut in a retangular shape with a half circle cut out on the bottom edge.

The boards were almost always special orders to be painted a particular color-  with the mascot on one corner and a little sister's name on the other corner. It would be so neat to hear from somebody who used to have one of these hand-painted study boards.  There might still be some that have survived. (I have one that I painted for my husband from that time period, but it is stained instead of painted and has a mallard duck on it instead of an owl or a turtle.)

Chi omega sorority paddle

1980's Handmade Sorority Gifts

Well, now I paint crowns for ZTA, lions for Phi Mu,  and bears for K?, but 30 years ago it was butterflies, ladybugs, and frogs.  I wonder if those sororities at Georgia Southern have continued with  butterflies, ladybugs, and frogs.

Do any of you have handmade sorority gifts that are vintage like these? We'd love to see them.


Sorority Gifts with Greek LettersEaster eggs decorated with sorority or fraternity Greek letters ready to fill with candy and other goodies. Eggs are about 2 1/2 inches across. These eggs can  be customized with names or universities. These sell  in sets of 6. Order deadline for delivery before Easter is April 11th.  Shipping for  up to 24 eggs for is $10.00! For orders of more than 1 set, send a message to the artist so that she can send you an invoice to complete your purchase.

Check out this Etsy shop for details: GreektoMe

So you would like to save money and make your own Greek Easter eggs?  I didn't make these, but I think you can make some similar Easter eggs with good results.  These are approximate directions for this sorority gift:

1. Buy some plastic easter eggs. The come in various sizes. The standard size would work well or the large eggs.

2. Practice your Greek Letter design on paper first. Draw until you are happy with the drawing.

3. Using your drawing to look at, use paint pens to paint a similar design on your egg.

The letters in the picture example have a white background painted first and then the letters painted on top of the white and then outlined with black (I would use a Sharpie marker for the outline)

4. Optional: spray the eggs with Krylon Crystal Clear (a spray varnish) or any other spray varnish brand.

Need some inexpensive sorority big sister gifts or little sister surprises?
For more ideas for sorority gifts that you can make yourself, click this sorority crafts link.


Taking Orders Now for Custom Sorority Pillows

Need a Sorority Gift? See these cute Sorority Sisters handpainted pillows.You can order a unique, handpainted sorority pillow at Etsy Sorority Gifts.

If you want to order a pillow for your sorority like these, you should purchase the "Custom Sorority Hang up Pillows - Made by Order" for $12.99. I have to relist it each time a pillow is ordered so if you don't see the item, "Custom Sorority Hang up Pillows - Made by Order", check back a little later or send me an Etsy Convo message about wanting to order a pillow and I will get back to you.

Handpainted Sorority Pillow Made by Order
Sorority Gifts
If you like to make your own sorority gifts, you can look at our Gamma Phi Beta pillow post idea.  There I explain there the basics of making pillows like this on.  We also have more sorority gifts ideas  on our Sorority Crafts page.

Delta Alpha Sigma Unicorn Pillow

Remember, I need a few days to get a pillow made. They are completely handmade. No factory involved here. They also can be personalized with a name somewhere if you like.

I get busy with orders this time of year, so if you need one, please get your order in soon so you won't be disappointed.

Place your order by purchasing "Custom Sorority Hang up Pillows - Made by Order" at Etsy Sorority Gifts.

Handpainted Sorority Pillow
Handpainted Phi Mu Lion

Chi Omega GiftsI still enjoy making the pillows, even creating new designs for sororities.  My next  order is for a Kappa Delta Chi with the Penguin mascot. I'll be making that pillow for her next week. Do you need a sorority pillow?

Sorority Sisters has a page about various types of  sorority pillows that are available.  For more information about  Greek pillows, click over to  Sorority Pillows.

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