Phi Mu Sorority GiftPhi Mu Sisters----Make your own sorority gifts!

This Phi Mu little sister sorority gift only needs to be put into a 5 x 7 frame, wrapped up in festive paper, and given to your favorite little sister.

Here is an example of an easy, inexpensive sorority gift that you can make quickly.  Small mats like this one in standard sizes like 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 can be found in craft stores. Actually, a pink mat would be even better, but this time, I just used what I already had.

You need a lion drawing that you can print off on cardstock or you can 'free hand' a drawing of a lion. Add the Phi Mu letters and "I Love my Lil Sis!" with a Sharpee or other pen.

Color with colored pencils or use watercolor paints like I did here.

Cut and tape the painted design to the back side of your mat. Then pop it into a little frame - I pick up nice little frames at the dollar store.

This can be done for any other sorority. If you need a mascot drawing, go to Google Images and see what you can find. You can print off a sorority mascot picture and then trace it with a black pen so that you only have the line drawing without color. This is easy if you trace, holding your papers up to a window so the light shines through. This enables you to clearly see the lines of the design.

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