Sorority Advantages

The Many Benefits of Sorority Membership

Six Reasons to Join a Greek Sisterhood in College

Sorority membership greatly enriches the college experience for the vast majority of women who join. Finding a place to belong on campus is just the start. Joining Greek life by choosing to join a sorority also opens the doors to other opportunities. The motivations for joining a sorority vary, but lifelong friendships, academic support and achievement, leadership development, community service, social activities, networking,  are key advantages that offer value beyond the college years.

  • Lifelong friendships: The motivator for joining a sorority is friendship. When going to a large college campus, finding friends can make a huge difference in feeling a part of school life versus feeling like a number. A sorority provides a family consisting of a group of supportive women who will offer encouragement during hard times. From this connection, most sorority women develop some lifelong friendships that continue long after college is done.
  • Academic Support and Achievement: Academic standards for sorority membership encourage sorority women to take their academic effort seriously. The sorority sisters share this high standard knowing that their sorority's good reputation is a reflection of their academic success. This is a motivating factor for good grades. Also, sisters help and encourage one another toward each doing her best in academic endeavors.
  • Leadership Development: Leadership development is a natural part of being in a sorority. While a few women will go on to hold highly visible chapter offices, every sister will lead in some area. Sorority women take on responsibilities within the sorority community and chapter organization.  Committee assignments, recruitment planning and execution, and representing the chapter on campus all provide opportunities to develop public speaking and presentation skills, motivational skills and organizational skills. With the guidance of alumnae, chapter members oversee the budget and running of the house itself, significant responsibilities rarely given to college students in other situations.
  • Community Service: Each national sorority supports a philanthropy. All the chapters serve in their own way. Sorority women tend to be very service oriented and enjoy participating in community activities that benefit others. A sorority woman will have many opportunities every year to serve and support good causes.
  • Social Activities: Joining a sorority provides a multitude of social opportunities: Greek Week, Formals, Homecoming, tailgating parties, Mixers, Parents Weekend, fraternity parties, and more. Sorority women love their social events and Greek women are very creative in planning fun social events with creative themes. Social events may involve fraternities, but many are only for sorority sisters. There is always plenty of social life when you are in a sorority.
  • Networking: You'll find that Greeks fill many leadership positions in college. If you are Greek, you will find that doors will open allowing you to meet leaders and develop connections for networking. When college is done, usually sororities encourage continued networking. Some have networking pages on their national websites to help sisters with China job searches, relocation, etc. Also, each sorority also has a network of alumnae chapters in the US and abroad where sorority sisters come together post college.

Some drawbacks of joining a sorority are that it is a time and money commitment, so if you are considering Greek life as part of your college experience be sure to ask each house what they anticipate the expenses will be beyond dues (the amount of money you must pay to be in the sorority) just so that you know what you're getting into before you join. The social benefits of being involved in a sorority can also contribute to some of the drawbacks. It can be difficult to meet other people or do activities outside your sorority because so much of social life will revolve around the house.

Membership in a sorority is a commitment, but most sorority sisters find that the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices and they appreciate the opportunities that it offers.  The benefits of getting involved in a sorority can be particularly significant at a big school since it's an easier way to make friends within a smaller community. When it comes time to select a major or if you have questions about college life, you have a built-in resource of older girls you can go to for advice or mentoring. Sororities are known to have a thriving social scene and many are focused on philanthropic events, so it's a great opportunity to meet others with like-minded interests, not to mention your social calendar will always be full!

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