For Ideas for Little Sister Sorority Gifts

For Cute Big Sister Sorority Gifts

Sorority Quotes for your Cards and Gifts

Sorority Jewelry- How to make a beaded bracelet and where to get Greek Letter beads.

Sorority Letter Pillows-  Precious Greek Letter pillow

Matted Sorority Picture- Takes a 5 x 7 mat, paper and paint

Sorority Magnets--  Acrylic paint makes creative sorority magnets


Sorority Easter Eggs - Paint on your Greek letters

for the coolest Easter

basket eggs.


Sorority Gifts with Greek LettersPicture from GreektoMe

Sorority Stickers made from foam stars or hearts and hand painted with Greek Letters.

Sorority Greeting Cards--  Easy-as-pie greeting cards for sorority sisters

More Sorority Greeting Cards Instructions-  Another greeting card idea

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Candy Tin--  Recycle a container into a cute sorority gift container

Mascot Instructions-- Turn a simple plush animal into your sorority mascot with this easy to make ribbon necklace.

Sorority Notebooks- With a little bit of painting, make a cherished sorority notebook or scrapbook album

Sorority Tote from Tee Shirt

Simple directions to help you make a letter tote from a tee shirt

How to Make a sorority picture frame (Delta Zeta)-Another easy acrylic paint project

AKA Frog Christmas Ornament--  Make great Christmas ornaments with prepainted cutouts from craft store.

AKA Frog Christmas Ornament-- Make great Christmas ornaments with prepainted cutouts from craft store.

Sorority Gift Baskets-  Use scrapbooking paper & ribbon to embellish a basket

Sorority Pillow with Ribbon Letters-  If you can sew a little, try this

Sorority Hat-  This is cute and fun to wear!

Sorority Cross Stitch- counted cross stitch coat of arms....LOVELY!!


I finally have gotten the sorority gift directions and ideas all in one place. Hope this helps! Please leave comments for me or suggestions. Thanks!