Gifts for sorority sisters are most special when they are creative.

Sorority ... where you can find Great Greek Gift Ideas

Find an idea and make  gifts for sorority sisters yourself. is seeking to inspire creative expression in gift making, scrapbooking, and greeting cards. Our mission is to offer ideas, directions, and/or patterns for handmade sorority gifts as well as connections to unique Greek merchandise.

Visit our Sorority Gift Blog for the latest posts on unique gifts  for sorority little and big sisters.

Alpha Chi Omega Pillow and Kappa Kappa Delta Pillow
Alpha Chi Omega Pillow and Kappa Kappa Delta Pillow

The blog also announces special sales at Greek Gear who almost always has a sale going that will save you money when you need to order Greek merchandise.

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The Sorority Gifts blog regularly offers cute gift ideas for sorority sisters.

Make a Sorority Basket for your Little Sister
Sorority Basket Ideas

Learn how to make a sorority gift basket for your little or big.

If you like to make your own sorority gifts, check our Sorority Crafts page for a whole list of sorority craft projects that you can make yourself such as Sorority Notebooks, Matted Sorority Picture, Sorority Magnets, Sorority Greeting Cards, Sorority Candy Tins, Sorority Letter Pillows, Iron On Greek Letters Source , Sorority Tote from Tee Shirt, Sorority picture frame , Sorority Pillow with Ribbon Letters, Sorority Hat, and Sorority Cross Stitching.

One creative idea for a little or big sister gift is a sorority sister scrapbook.

This is a gift that you invest yourself into as you take time to make a record of your special relationship with a personalized scrapbook. All of your great pictures can find a place on the pages and it will give you a place to used some special sister quotes to express your appreciation and feelings toward your sorority sisters.

Sorority Scrapbook

Sorority Scrapbook

Get ready for Christmas any time of the year with sorority Christmas ornament idea.

Alpha Delta Pi Lion Ornament

Alpha Delta Pi Lion Ornament

Check your local craft store for painted cutouts. You can usually find them for about 50 cents. Many sorority mascots can be found in ready made cutouts which can be personalized to make them extra special. Some that I have found include ladybug, frog, teddy bear, giraffe, rose, butterfly, crown, elephant, and others. You can turn them into really cute ornaments or just hang one on a knob to decorate all year long.

(see basic directions for making a sorority ornament like the one pictured above)

This sorority mascot idea is a simple way to personalize a stuffed animal

and make it a handcrafted symbol of your sorority. What a great gift that you can make yourself. All you need is a stuffed animal mascot, a narrow ribbon, a foam shape, and some acrylic paint and a paint brush.

Kappa Delta Little Sister Gift
Kappa Delta Little Sister Gift

This is just a sample of the many ideas for sorority gifts that you will find on our pages.

Zeta Tau Alpha Gift

Zeta Hang Up
Zeta Hang Up

Hand Appliqued Greek Letters on Tote
Hand Appliqued Greek Letters on Tote

Join the new Sorority Sisters Flickr Group and Sorority Sisters Handmade Gifts Facebook Group : Share your sorority gift pictures and gift ideas. You can then upload pictures of sorority gifts that you have made or that others have made and given to you. I look forward to inspiration from your great ideas or just to share the results of your latest sorority craft.

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