Paint Your Own Sorority Notebooks!


Make Them Extra Special!


Save money by painting your own sorority notebooks, sorority report folders, and even sorority scrapbooks and photo albums. All you need to do is:

1. Find a simple picture of your sorority's mascot.

2. Trace your mascot using a pencil and tracing paper

(or any paper that you can see through)

3. Use graphite paper (available at craft stores in Decorative Painting aisle) to transfer the mascot drawing to a notebook. Just place graphite paper (shiny side down) on top of notebook. Then place traced sorority mascot drawing on top of graphite paper.

4. Use a ball point pen or a stylus to trace over your drawing, with enough pressure to make lines on the notebook from the graphite paper. Be sure to hold the layered papers firmly in one place as you trace so that you won't mess up your notebook drawing. After tracing, while papers are still held firmly on notebook, peel up one corner of the papers to peek at the transferred design underneath. Check to make sure you have traced all the lines that you need. If you missed any, now is the time to draw them while the paper & graphite are still in position.

5. When the transfer is complete, lift off the paper. Now you are ready to paint.

6. Even very simple painting makes a very pretty notebook when painting whimsical sorority mascots or symbols. Just fill in the lines with paint as you would color a picture. You can use black paint to outline and show detail or just use a permanent fine line Sharpie pen.

7. Personalize with your sorority letters and then a special sentiment such as "I love my little sister, AMANDA" or whatever suits you.

Note: If you have rarely painted in the past, I would encourage you to buy some quality brushes. If you carefully clean them each time you use them, they will last for many years.


Another easy sorority gift you can make special is your sorority mascot with a personalized necklace with your sorority letters.

Look for your mascot:

# Dolphins

# Elephants

# French Poodles

# Frogs

# Giraffes

# Hannah Dolls

# Ladybugs

# Lions

# Owls

# Pandas

# Penguins

# Squirrels

# Turtles

# Unicorns