Chi Omega Little Sister Gift

Need a Special Sorority Gift?

All the little sister sorority gifts that you give are what expresses the sisterhood of your sorority. Sometimes, a handmade sorority gift expresses your affection better than a Greek gift that you buy like from Greek Gear.

If you like to paint with acrylic paints, there are so many gifts that you can make that take only a little bit of your time. I love to just browse in crafts stores or online and I always see so many ideas that can be adapted to make a great sorority gift.

This foam coozie is an example of a craft item that is almost always available in craft stores. Just look for your sorority colors. Images for an owl or whatever your mascot might be, can be obtained through Google images or by searching for "owl" or whatever your sorority mascot.  You can copy to image and print it...then adapt it for your project.  When I paint on a foam coosie like this one, I use transfer graphite paper to trace the design onto the coosie. This works to transfer a design onto most any surface that you want to paint on.

After the basic pattern is on the coosie, you just paint between the lines. I use a black sharpie to add details like the owl's feet and feathers.

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