Give a sorority gift that demonstrates that special relationship between sisters.  You can often find items like the little sister-big sister heart shown below, but I hope to encourage you to make your own special gifts for Little Sisters and Big Sisters. is a good place to start for some handmade sorority gift ideas.


Sorority Sister Hearts are Knit Together

Sorority Sister Hearts are Knit Together


One of the best gifts for a little sister or a big sister is one that affirms the Big-Little relationship. A framed picture of the two sisters together is always a winner because it shows appreciation for that special relationship. Go a step further with a framed picture by personalizing the picture frame with your sorority letters. This can be as simple as painting your Greek letters on the frame or can be more elaborate with handpainted sorority name and the sorority flower or mascot. Using your sorority colors for the background is another way to make it personal.

Many times you can find stickers or a rubber stamp that makes making special sorority gifts very easy.

For example, to make a Tri Sigma picture frame....

Look for a rubber stamp of a sailboat. The ink from the stamp prints the lines of the design  onto your frame. Then with the design safely and neatly on the frame, you can use a tiny paint brush to paint in the colors ( a little paint goes a long way)

The frame that I made for the Sorority Sisters site is for Delta Zeta.


The frame already had the plaid mat. I drew a simple turtle on drawing paper, colored it with pencils, cut it out, and glued it to the mat (under the glass). Then using white acrylic paint, I painted "Delta Zeta" and embellished it with two pink flowers on either end. The green frame, the pink flowers, and the pink and green turtle all display the Delta Zeta colors or pink and green.

This idea is easy, inexpensive, and so appreciated, especially when it includes a picture of Big Sis and Little Sis together.

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