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Alpha Epsilon Phi quotes and sentiments:

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To my Big Sis, _____________________:

I have been enriched by having you as my big sis.

Our unconditional friendship binds us together...always.

You have demonstrated by your care for me your selfless dedication

You inspire me to become a better person.

You build my commitment to growth intellectually and personally.

You represent Alpha Epsilon Phi to me.

I thank you for being my Big Sis!


To my Alpha Epsilon Phi sister, _______________________,

We love...

Our pearls representing  beauty gained by growth

Our giraffe, outstanding with a heart of hearts.

Our lily of the valley,  a model of true beauty and simplicity.

We wear our letters of green and white, remembering our goals of  vibrant growth and friendship.

We are forever friends and Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters.


To my beautiful, strong, and wise big sis, __________________,

Alpha Epsilon Phi is known by beauty, strength, and wisdom

Beauty in relationships...

Strength in character...

Wisdom in actions.

May our friendship always exemplify these virtues.


Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters

Caring, Sharing, Daring.

Alpha Epsilon Phi friendships

Lasting, true, loyal.

Alpha Epsilon Phi sisterhood

Lil Sis_______________& Big Sis______________________

Always and forever.

(These quotes above are originals written for They may be copied to other sites if a link is given for credit to You are welcome to use these quotes for your own personal use for cardmaking and giftmaking.)

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(The following information was paraphrased from Wikipedia)

Tag Line of Alpha Epsilon Phi is...

Above All Else: we are...

Enriched by sisterhood and unconditional friendships

Dedicated to selfless service, and inspiring others, and

Committed to intellectual growth and personal development.

Symbols of  Alpha Epsilon Phi

Jewel:         Pearl ---Why? Because of its glowing beauty gained through years of growth.

Mascot: Giraffe ----Why? Because  it has the largest heart of any animal and stands above the crowd.

Flowerand colors:       The lily of the valley ---Why?

It has a  simple beauty and  it is green and white which are Alpha  Epsilon Phi colors.

Open Motto of Alpha Epsilon Phi is: Multa Corda Una Causa... Many Hearts One Purpose

Alpha Epsilon Phi Crest

Alpha Epsilon Phi Crest

crest from AEP page

------Why? Best expresses the purpose of the founders.

Crest The columns of Alpha Epsilon Phi were added in 1916, the sorority's seventh year in existence. It was decided to create a simple insignia rather than an elaborate crest like many Greek sororities.  What's it all about?  Each column of the insignia holds special significance to the members.

Philantrophies of Alpha Epsilon Phi

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation- a public charity which "seeks to prevent pediatric HIV infections and to eradicate pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs.

Sharsheret is a national non-profit organization dedicated to serving the unique concerns of Jewish women with breast cancer.

Lifetime members of Alpha Epsilon Phi are committed to respect their shared heritage and traditions, exhibit high ideals and moral character, fulfill expectations and responsibilities of membership, and continually exemplify the values of beauty, strength, and wisdom as embodied by the three columns of their insignia.