Sorority Gifts

Sorority Gifts

These STUFFED GREEK LETTER PILLOWS are over a foot tall (approximately 12 to 14 inches).  They have sturdy white cotton fabric on the back and are stuffed with poly fiberfil.  The Phi Mu set has cute white satin bows with foam sparkle pink butterflies placed on each Greek letter.

The eBay seller is offering a FREE bonus!!......... a sorority pin pillow in the same fabric adorned with the same type bow and butterfly perfect to keep your sorority pin safe. This looks like a beautiful set.

There are plastic hangers sewn on the back of the letters so you can hang these letters on the wall. Of course, they would be so cute just laying on your bed as pillows or on a shelf.

For your Do-it-Yourselfers, consider making some letter pillows yourself!

You need some paper a little larger than the size pillows that you want to make.

On the paper sketch your Greek Letters with a pencil making them a little bigger than you want the pillows to be (because when you sew the pillow together it will look smaller than it does on the pattern).  After drawing the pattern, be sure to add a seam allowance of at least 1/2 inch.

Pin pattern to your fabric.  Cut out two layers for front & back. With right sides together, sew layers together leaving an opening for turning.  Turn right side out.  Then stuff your Greek letter with soft fiberfil.   Sew close the opening that was used for turning.

The easiest letters to make would be those without holes like Gamma or Chi since you can do most of the sewing on a sewing machine.  If you make letters with holes, like Phi or Theta, you will have to cut out the holes after you sew the outside letter edges together.  The edges of the holes will need to be finished with hand sewing.

Comments are welcome!  If anyone tries to make your Greek Letters into pillows, please leave a comment with further suggestions on how you did it.  You'll help someone else with your experience and ideas.

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