These sorority magnets are so much fun to make. The samples are made for Delta Zeta, but you can adapt for any mascot and Greek letters.

You can find everything you need for this project at a craft store like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Jo Anns, and usually what you need is at Walmart. (40% Off the Regular Price of One Item at (Code: DECA840)

For Directions:

These magnets require:
1. foam or wooden shapes
2. acrylic paint in the colors of your choice
3. detail paintbrush(s) and fine sharpee in black
3. craft magnets (best buy comes in a roll that can be cut into one inch pieces. You peel off the backing paper from the magnet revealing adhesive which allows you to stick the magnet on the back of your wooden or foam shape)

These can be made from wooden or foam shapes. The ones appearing in the photo were prepainted green so that saved me some time. I only needed a few colors of acrylic paint, namely pink, white, green, and black. Once you buy your sorority colors in acrylic paint plus white and black, you will be set to make and paint a multitude of surprises or gifts for your little sister or your big sister.

Sorority Magnet Directions
1. On paper, practice drawing a very basic turtle or mascot of your choice.

2. When it looks ok to you, copy it "free hand" onto the wooden or foam shape in pencil (lightly so you can erase if needed).

3. Next, you paint the largest areas. ( You will find that cheap brushes will not give near as good results as better brushes. The craft stores sell brushes for about $3 that will help you succeed)
When it dries, consider adding a pattern. I added white polka dots to the pink turtle shell.

4. Then paint the face (eyes and mouth) with white and black paint. Dab on a tiny shite circle for the eye and wait for it to dry. For the black eyeball and mouth, you can either use a very thin liner brush or use a fine permanent paint pen like a fine sharpie.

5. Your Greek letters can be painted on or drawn on with paint pens like Sharpee. I prefer to paint them as seen in the samples. I used PINK on the green background so that it would show up well. I usually have to put 2 coats of paint if I use a light color like pink on a dark background like green. You can outline your letters with a black pen if desired.

6. To complete your custom made sorority magnet: After the paint is dry, adhere a small strip of magnet onto the back of the shape.

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