-A Sorority Paddle is an historic reminder of special Greek relationships.  If it is the custom of your chapter to give paddles, then you might want to make your own. You can buy a blank wooden paddle and wooden Greek letters to represent your sorority and make a creative symbol of that special bond. Click to see a beautiful custom designed sorority paddle.   OR

AlphaKappaAlpha Paddle

You can have your paddle custom made like the one shown above.  Choose your colors and Greek letters and decide on distinguishing characteristics to make your paddle original.

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Greek Gear offers special order Greek Paddles for less than $40.  They measure a hefty 21" x 4" and come in vibrant colors as you can see from the pictures on this post.


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If you need to find a paddle that is less expensive, Greek Gear also has a paddle that might work.  This paddle has a classic look since it is a basic unpainted wooden paddle with simple but elegant Greek letters and it's sorority crest.  The discount paddle measures  at 22" x 3.5"

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