Phi Mu: Sisterhood...some want it..some wish it...we got it!

Phi Mu...anything less is everything else

Phi Mu , our taste is simple...we like the best!

Phi Mu...better than you since 1852

Just Mu It. (Nike swoosh)

All women were created equal......until 1852!

Do the Mu.

Pink is my signature color.

It's a Mu thing, baby.

I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a life time of nothing special"

Phi Mu, the lifetime of wonderful

Phi Mu has roared into our hearts.

We are Phi Mu, hear us Roar!

Courage is tamin' a lion.

Food chain (lion on top over mouse, frog, squirrel)

It's hard to be humble when you're king of the jungle.
It's hard to be humble when you're queen of the Jungle!

Daddies love us, Mothers trust us, Boys chase us, Girls envy us, Angels watch over us. Don't you wish you were a Phi Mu, too?

There are two types of women in this world: Phi Mus, and those who wish they were.

The best just got better because Phi Mu got (Sister's name).

(sister's name)be sisters by heart.

Got along without you before I met you, but I can't live without you now

Saw the rest, pledged the best!  (sister's name) is a Phi Mu.

Sir Fidel was a Phi Mu, and now so is (sister's name)

You can't always get what you want, but we did!  (sister's name) is a Phi Mu!

It's great being on top of the food chain! Phi Mu loves their new Phi, (sister's name)

All women were created equal until 1852.

Phi Mu ...the woman you were meant to be.

We're not sisters by birth, but we knew from the start God put us together.

Phi Mu is now a part of  (sister's name)'s life and her wardrobe.

(Sister's name) is Pretty in Pink

In a world of compromise, some don't.

(Sister's name), Phi Mu's newest icon.

To be or not to be? It was never a question. (sister's name) went Phi Mu.

The best just got better because Phi Mu got (sister's name).

5,4,3,2 give a yell for Phi Mu!
(Sister's name) is a Phi Mu

Love, Honor, Truth and Fun, that's what makes Phi Mu #1!

Starlight, Starbright, We got the wish we wished last night.

Phi Mu, Where the sun always shines brighter.

Everybody has their day in the Sun, some just last longer than others.

Joy is what she gives, Love is how she lives, _____ is a Phi Mu lady.

Take a walk on the Phi Mu side... where the wild ones are!

What matters most, is how you see yourself. We're so glad you saw yourself as a Phi Mu!

Phinally, ____ is a Phi Mu.

Pink is Perfect!

I'm tickled Pink that (NAME) is a Phi Mu.

We've been the buzz since 1852--and now (NAME) is a Phi Mu (ladybugs)

No Lion, (NAME)'s great.

Welcome to the Pride.

My dream came true, (NAME) is a Phi Mu.

Daddies trust them, Mothers love them, boys chase them, Girls envy them, Angels watch over them,

Thank God I'm a Phi Mu.

Welcome H(Phi)(Mu)e

A Phi Mu is a girl who has moonglow in her hair, stardust in her eyes, and Heaven in her smile.

Top ten reasons to date a Phi Mu

10. She has 1000's of sisters
9. Phi Mu night out= Guys night out
8. There is always a blonde, brunette, and red head
7. She gets enough gifts from her sisters you won't have to buy one
6. You won't have to listen to her cry all the time
5. The next best thing to being a Phi Mu is dating one
4. It won't be hard to find a Bridesmaid
3. Pink carnations are cheaper than roses
2 If you're gonna date Greek, Date a Goddess
1. Phi Mu's do it best