Zeta Tau Alpha Crown Doorhanger

A doorhanger makes a great sorority gift for your big sister.  Here we have a picture of a Zeta Tau Alpha design with the sorority crown theme.  A door hanger is an easy gift to make and the materials are available at your local craft store.  I have seen the wooden crowns at Michaels.  Hobby Lobby carries a different line of painted wooden cut outs, but they have a very good selection also, from what I have seen.  Look for your sorority mascot, your sorority symbol, or your sorority flower.  You can always paint something if it is the wrong color.

Click below for:

Directions for making a Sorority Doorhanger

Thanks to Sorority Ebay store (Stefis Corner Stones and Gifts) for this sorority crown  door hanger picture. They offer a lot of handmade sorority gifts as well as sorority jewelry if you would like to take a look for other ideas.

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